The Defenders

What is a Defender?

Defenders are the most important part of TheGameCon operational team; they help attendees, keep the peace, run different events/ activities, and keep the convention fun and moving forward for all attendees. A Defender is more than just a volunteer is, they are an individual with a passion for gaming, and community that sculpts how every attendee experiences TheGameCon.

Duties as a Defender

  • Work Set-Up of TheGameCon (June 2nd)
  • Work during TheGameCon (June 3rd - 4th)
  • Assist with Break Down of TheGameCon (June 4th)
  • Keep the peace
  • Help Attendees
  • Have Fun!

Perks of being a Defender

  • Free TheGameCon Defender Shirt for the year of service
  • Year of Service Exclusive Lapel Pin, given only to Defenders
  • Lunch Provided June 3rd and 4th
  • Before The Rush Pizza Party June 2nd after set-up
  • After Party June 4th
  • Full Access to TheGameCon, including Behind the Scenes, and all areas before and after public hours
  • Working with driven individuals to improve TheGameCon for all
  • Defender Lounge, all day snacks, drinks, and coffee (June 3rd and 4th)

How to become a Defender

The Defender Selection Process is made to make sure all individuals who have a drive to improve TheGameCon are accepted. Previous Defenders are accepted automatically if no strikes are on your account, if you have a friend that is a Defender or was a Defender and has been accepted please have them reefer you, you will get accepted faster.

  1. Sign Up with the below form, if accepted we will send you a email
  2. Once Accepted purchase the Defender Ticket if required, link will be provided
  3. Receive Final Confirmation of being a Defender, email will contain more information on chats

Do I need to pay the Defender Deposit?

I am a new Defender. Yes, you will need to purchase the Defender Deposit to be confirmed.

I am a returning Defender. No, you already paid your deposit during your first year. The Defender Deposit is a one-time fee to help pay for your equipment for the first year.

What if I can't pay for the Deposit? You can contact the Defender Coordinator for a waiver of the Defender Deposit.

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