Plus Club

About The Club

The Plus+ Club is a exclusive club that Attendee Plus Pass and Star Pass holders belong to during TheGameCon each year. The Plus+ Club is filled with extra benefits to make your experience at TheGameCon that much better.

How to Join

When you purchase an Attendee Plus or Star Pass you are automatically included in the Plus+ Club for the year your ticket was purchased for.

Star Dinner

The Star Dinner is included with a Star Pass, that includes everything with the Plus Club along with access to the Star Dinner.

Join TheGameCon Founders, the VIPs/ Guests for a dinner at the San Luis Resort. Dine with your favorite content creators while forming a personal connection with them. During the dinner we will have some games, activities, and time for everyone to talk to one another.

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The Perks of Plus+

Plus+ members have many perks at TheGameCon one of the favorites is Access to a private lounge with snacks, coffee, and drinks all day during the convention.

Plus Lounge

Enjoy a private lounge outside of the thrill of TheGameCon loaded with Complimentary Snacks, Coffee, Soda, Juices, Pastries, and Candy.

Fast Pass

Don't wait in the line for TheGameCon ran activities/ areas when you are a Plus+ member. Jump into the Plus+ Fast Line to get to the front faster.

The Prequel

Join the VIPs and other Plus+ members in your very own Friday Night Gaming Party coined "The Prequel". Enjoy Console Island, Pizzas, VIPs, and Behind the scene tours!

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